On-site Machining Services

Our specialised on-site machining operations are classified as cold work and the equipment is approved for use in hazardous zones (ATEX). This enables you to avoid costly shutdowns and loss of production, and in the same time operate within the highest safety standards. 

The machining is performed with the same tolerances as if done in a workshop. Measurement and dimension control is done on-site by our highly trained technicians. By carrying out the repair on-site you will also have great savings in transport and logistics costs compared to replacement of the part or to bringing the part to a workshop. Our machining services are carried out where you need it when you need it!


  • Cold Cutting, Bevelling and End Prepping of pipes
  • Cold Cutting of I-beams, box profiles and structures
  • Flange Facing and repair of all types of flanges
  • Cold cut grinding and polishing
  • Milling – plane or groove milling
  • Boring and Line Boring

Features and Benefits

  • Classified as cold work – shutdown or hot work permit not needed
  • Portable and mostly hand carried tools
  • Easy rig up and rig down
  • Mostly air driven equipment
  • Maintenance and repair carried out onsite – reduce logistic cost
  • Repair of existing parts – avoid replacement


Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

  • Accurate Cutting and Bevelling of all types of pipes and tubes,